Trail Conditions

Jan 23:


 Maryland has been groomed to the power line hill including the Char Creek connector.




Never Lost Snowmobile Map Creston

NEVER LOST CRESTON 16/17 is now available on Itunes and Google Play Store. We worked hard with Allan Bouchard last week to help him develop an APP that helps you know where you are.. what's around you and how to find areas to ride if you're new to the area or have friends visiting wanting to snowmobile. We have terrain ratings and suggestions included. While Cellphones can interfere with a transceiver signal, this app once downloaded allows you to flip it to airplane mode so as not to interfere with your avalanche transceiver! Cell service is not required to utilize the ap when you're out in the back country. Here are the direct links on Itunes and google play! Thank you again Allan and Never Lost Snowmobile Trails!…/never-lost-creston…/id1190827136…

Next meeting March 12 2019

  6:00 Directors, 6:30 General membership

Columbia Brewery  

1220 Erickson Rd

Creston, BC

New Land Closures

A reminder to everyone.  We have New closures in place.  Bayonne/Arkansas Lake, and Placer Lake are all closed.  We are working hard to reverse these closures, but your compliance is a must.  Don't let one person ruin it for everyone.  Thank you.  Trish Drinkle

These are the links to the maps of the caribou closures in our area. 

Salmo/Creston Summit: 


South Purcells: 




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Ladies Ride March 23 with Trish Drinkle!



Avalanche and Safety Outreach

Are you riding prepared?  

Avalanche Transceiver



Back Pack

Emergency survival kit


Pre Trip Plan informing others where you'll be riding, and when you'll be home

Communication device

Have you checked the Avalanche Forecast? 

Whether you stick to logging roads, or boondock in the back country you are in potential Avalanche terrain.  Ride to survive. 

DecemberTransceiver Practice 

Upcoming Events


Avalanche Skills Training Level 1

January 5 & 6, 2019

Member Cost:  $249

Please Register at College of the Rockies

Avalanche Skills Training | $249


Avalanche awareness is a necessity for anyone skiing, boarding and travelling the mountains in the winter. Our goal with this course is to help you recognize winter hazards and understand the basics of evaluating snow stability. Topics such as weather, snow pack, terrain, route-finding, use of a transceiver and rescue techniques will be covered. The second day will be a field day to put the theory to practice.


Supplies to be provided by the instructor.


$25 supply fee.


Campus Start Date Delivery Register
Creston Campus
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Saturday, January 5, 2019 In-Class Register
Dates: Jan 5, 2019 to Jan 6, 2019
Saturday: 09:00 PM - 04:00 PM
Sunday: 09:00 AM - 05:00 PM
Instructor: Dave Quinn
Location: GRHS
Cost: $249.00